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Drink Distilled Water – Pros and Cons

Distilled water is purified water that does not contain any harmful additives. It is either completely free or has an extremely low count of micro- and macro-elements typically contained in regular water. Distilled water is basically a condensate of regular water, and its purity can be achieved because water evaporates at a lower temperature than its additives. It is produced in water distillers.

How to Make Pure Water in Several Ways

It is easy to obtain 20-100 ml or 0.68 – 3.38 FL OZ of distilled water at home without water distiller. By using the water distiller at home or in the laboratory during the day you can produce tens of liters of pure water. But what to do when hundreds of liters are needed every day?

How To Drink Distilled Water For Detoxification

o drink distilled water for detoxification purposes you should revitalize it. To structure or revitalize it, you can simply freeze it. Thawed, melted distilled water becomes useful for the next 5-8 hours. You should take it for a long time run; for six months, have a glass 30 minutes before a meal or 2-2.5 hours after a meal. After 8 hours the thawed distilled water becomes useless again.

What is The Distilled Water?

What is the distilled water? The pure, distilled water is missing a lot of components. Compared to conventional water, for example, with river water, the distillate water is missing a whole range of dissolved salts and gases.

And to be more precise, there is no pure water in the nature, even though water is the most common compound on the Earth.

Deionized Water vs Distilled Water: What’s the Difference

The oldest method for production of pure water is the thermal method or distillation – water evaporation from the surface and condensation. The basis of the process is the transfer of water in the vapour phase with its subsequent condensation.

Difference of Deionization and Distillation

You may come across a question “is distilled and deionized water the same?” and the response of this question is NO. Though they do the same thing (purification of water) one way or the other and major difference is the procedure of purification. So basically we need to understand the difference between distilled and deionized water.

Distilled water is actually the pure form of water where the impurities have been removed through distillation process. Distillation is the procedure which involves different steps: boiling of water to convert it into steam and then condensation of water vapors into the liquid form of water through the cooling procedure.

Deionization of Water is also acknowledged as de-mineralization of water. This is the form of water which does not contain minerals such as cations (calcium, sodium, iron as well as copper) and anions (bromide and chloride). Hence deionization is a process to remove ions through ion exchanging resins which involves binding and filtering out the minerals from water.

In laboratories the most pure form of water is required for certain critical scientific experiments which should be totally free of ion and contaminants. For this particular purpose purest water is produced by distillation of the water which has been already deionized.

Can You Drink The Distilled Water? Part 2

The distilled water is neutral just after the distillation, thereafter it tends to absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and turns acidic, so if you still want to drink the distilled water, keep it in a closed bottle.

There are researches that prove that the best possible water for human consumption is alkaline water since the healthily human body is alkaline.

Can You Drink The Distilled Water? Part 1

The idea to drink the distilled water is not new and has been discussed already for a long time. Most probably it comes from the belief that the distilled water is pure water and should be the best possible water for drinking because it’s free from all toxins and contaminants. The distilled water is really pure water, but it’s still not the best choice for human consumption and there are several reasons for that.

Where To Use Deionized Water

Deionized water is produced by the chemical purification of the artesian water from salts, metals, trace elements and micro-particles using special ion exchange equipment.

Its purity degree  it is much higher than that of distilled water obtained by distillation of ordinary water in the distiller.

Advantages of Distilled or Deionized Water

Do you know that why celebrities, bodybuilders and wrestlers drink distilled water? Actually the biggest advantage or benefit of drinking deionized water or distilled water is to control the body weight and you can significantly lose the weight of your body. Distilled or dionized water is the pure water which does not contain the minerals which are the essential part of the tap or regular water. Absence of these minerals helps to reduce the weight and enable celebrities, wrestlers and bodybuilders to maintain their figure what they want to stage.

How it works?

Distilled or deionized water enters into the system of your entire body more swiftly as compare to the regular (tap) water or even water which has been filtered. This is very quick to be processed and gets ready to flush rapidly. The flushing is helpful in removing the contaminants as well as waste in your body. Deionized or distilled water does not cause issues like dehydration but still it makes you to urinate on frequent bases.
However it has not been confirmed clinically through the tests, that is why some people agree and some don’t with above mentioned advantage. So this is better to consult a physician if you are going to use it for some specific purpose.